Hello, and welcome! I am Dr. Sabine Alshuth, Full Professor of Oceanography and Marine Sciences at Indian River State College and Head of the Marine Science Department where I teach Oceanography, Marine Biology and Marine Ecology courses, both online courses and blended hybrid courses. I developed all these courses with unique field activities, to learn by doing, seeing and touching! If you are a hands-on- learn by doing kind of person, like tropical scenery and to be in the water and study in a tropical environment, join me for a weekend in the FL Keys! Click here for more information about my courses.

I received my doctorate in biological oceanography from the Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research at the University of Bremen, Germany and held research scientist positions at various international institutes such as Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Ft. Pierce Florida and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia, Canada. I participated in many oceanic research expeditions as chief scientist, among them the first winter Arctic Expedition on the RV METEOR. While researching in complete darkness for two months, studying oceanographic circulation  patterns in the Greenland Sea, I discovered the reproductive life cycle of deep sea copepods (plankton organisms), which had been unknown for centuries -  a completely new scientific breakthrough. My most exiting ocean exploration was a submersible dive aboard the JOHNSON-SEA-LINK Submersible, 3,000 feet below the sea surface. Click on Biography to learn more about my oceanographic expeditions that took me all around the World.

My passion is the ocean – the ocean is my research ground, the ocean is my playground, and the ocean is my destination for tropical island explorations in the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. My love of the ocean started when my parents introduced me in Germany to Sylt Island’s marine life as soon as I was able to walk and explore the beaches. Fascinated by Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s ocean explorations books and films and my summer visits and nature exploration of the shores of Sylt - my future career as a biological oceanographer became pre-determined at the age of eight. Now I have been recognized for more than 30 years as scientist, award-winning professional photographer and freelance writer with more than 108 popular scientific publications in various international scientific journals and magazines.

Now it’s time for you to dive in and explore the oceans with me! Just click on the links on this page to find out more.

See you in class!

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